Hi, I'm EpicOverlord. I am a Discord Server Owner and ManagerMy Discord: EpicOverlord#9999
My Twitter: EpicOverlord_

About Me

Hey! I'm EpicOverlord, a 16 year old guy from Scotland, born on March 13th!
I am a Discord Moderator and Server Owner.
I am interested in gaming, technology, everything PC related, photography and travelling.If you're looking for
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Feel free to reach out to me on my socials, which you can find by using the buttons below

Discord Server Commissions

Regardless of your budget, I'm sure I will be able to make you something that I'm sure you will feel proud to own!If you are interested in purchasing any services, DM me on Discord, and we can discuss costs.
Payment Methods accepted: PayPal, CashApp, Discord Nitro
Please note that prices can be tweaked depending on your needs. We can discuss any budget concerns in Discord DMs, and corners can be cut if you are on a tight budget.Use the buttons below to check out my services for both pre-existing and new-build servers

Pre-Built Server Commissions

Do you already own a server and are looking to upgrade it? Check out my list of bespoke services for pre-existing servers, to help take them to the next level!


Are you looking for a unique ticket system for your server? I specialise in creating a reaction-based system with the YAGPDB.xyz bot. Since this utilises custom code, it can be customised to fit your exact specifications!Starting at £3 ($3.69, €3.54)


Embedded messages have many benefits; they're easy to read, cleaner, and highly customisable.For a low price, I can make your channels look much prettier, and highly professionalStarting at £2 ($2.45, €2.36)
*Negotiable price


Buttons have much more benefits, compared to traditional reactions. They're more aesthetically pleasing, and are hassle-free to update and customise.Make your server look its best today with this latest Discord feature, at a low price!I am also able to offer dropdown selection menus, as opposed to buttons, should you prefer!Starting at £3 ($3.69, €3.54) for 5 buttons
*Negotiable price


Advertising your server effectively is one of the best ways to grow on Discord.For a low charge, I will review your current Server Advert and guide you on where to improve it, so you can gain more members, complete with tips to get the most out of advertising!Starting at £0.50 ($0.60, €0.59)


If you already have a server, I can review it, and give you feedback to help guide your improvements, based on the tier you purchase.Silver Tier
・I will join your server, take a look around and give you basic feedback to help you to improve it.
Starting at £0.50 ($0.60, €0.59)

Gold Tier
・I will join your server, take a look around and give you in-depth, detailed feedback to help you to improve it. I will also make some improvements myself
Starting at £2 ($2.45, €2.36)

New Server Build Commissions

Looking to create your own server, but have no idea where to even begin? Check out my exclusive services to help your new server get off to a flying start!


- Basic roles & channels created with correct permissions
- Basic server aesthetics and theming
- Dyno Moderation bot configured
- Traditional reaction-style roles
- Server Icon and 5 Channel Headers
- Basic Google Form Mod App
Starting at £5 ($6.13, €5.89)


- Roles & Channels created with correct permissions
- Good server aesthetics & theming
- Moderation bot & limited Entertainment bots
- Economy system
- Embedded Rules & FAQ messages
- Matching headers & GFX
- Button Reaction Roles configured
- Detailed Google Form Mod App
Starting at £7 ($8.59, €8.25)


- Roles & Channels created with correct permissions
- Top tier server aesthetics & theming
- Moderation & Entertainment bots
- Economy system
- YAGPDB ticket system
- Advanced Button Reaction Roles
- Embedded information channels
- Advanced Google Form Mod App
- Unlimited graphics to make your server extra special
Starting at £10 ($12.26, €11.78)